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Updated Garage Door

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

So we all have that one project that you know you are going to do, but the question is when are you actually going to do it? Well that was something we had said about our garage door. You could tell when we purchased the home that there were some dents and dings, which made it a little bit of an eye sore. Nothing too big that needed our immediate attention though...

Well let's drift back in time to a cold, frost filled morning back in February of 2019...

Welcome to Home Ownership - not everything in life is going to go according to plan.

As you can guess from the pictures - it was time to replace the garage door...much much sooner than we had originally planned. What could possibly be the most embarrassing event in my life led to a series of calls, tears and laughter at how could one be that stupid...

I know what you're all asking -- so here you go the story behind why we got a newer, much prettier garage door, well before our expected time!

Taylor had two trucks, a personal one and one for work, so our drive way was a tight squeeze to fit the three vehicles. Every morning that I was parked behind him, which was most, I would back my car into our neighbors driveway, wait for Taylor to leave for work, and then pull my car back into the driveway. It was part of our daily routine at that point.

Well this one morning, Taylor was running a bit late and I didn't have time to defrost my windshield, so relying on my handy dandy back up camera and my windows rolled down, I safely navigated the neighbor's driveway and pulled back into ours....or so I thought!

I get out of the car to rush to finish getting ready myself and when I step out of my car it began to roll forward...I was frozen with fear and uncertainty for what was going on in front of my very eyes. The slow motion that you see in the movies, yeah that was real life, only I couldn't move to do anything about it. As I'm trying to open the car door, to jump inside stop the vehicle it continues to drive itself through the garage door, I just couldn't move fast enough. When the car finally came to a complete stop the front end of my car had made it's way half way through our previously slightly dented and banged up garage door. I was able to get in and back the vehicle up out of the door; however, the door didn't move from it's bent position...

I completely panicked not knowing what to do or who to call and beyond nervous for Taylor's reaction. I decide to have a plan of action in place prior to calling Taylor to let him know the fate of the once working garage door.

Our next steps: We thankfully were able to find someone that could come and take the crank off the door to allow for it to close from it's previous tight partially opened position, that you see in the pictures above. From there we were able to look through options and pick a door that would give us the modern, rustic farmhouse vibe that we were going for in the look of our home.

We worked with Roy from Triangle Garage Doors LLC and I can't say enough great things about working with him. He was able to assist with ensuring we only purchased the parts that were truly needed to have a functioning garage door while also providing us with the style and look we were going for. One thing I will say that it takes time to get in a garage door in stock, so I would encourage you to plan ahead, but if you end up in the same boat as us...it's doable, just prepare to not have a garage door that can open for a few weeks!

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