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Fireplace Update

Updated: May 21, 2020

Every living room needs a good focal point, something that draws everyone's attention to the space.

What I would say started as a random idea when spending hours (and I mean hours) walking through Lowes turned into one of my favorite parts of our living room! If you're looking for an easy way to update your space with little to no prior knowledge - look no further, you've come to the right place!

So here is a shot at the before picture - though light and bright and my favorite paint color "Repose Gray" there was still a lot to make it into our home!

Unfortunately, we don't have many pictures or videos from the process, so enjoy our before and after!


Notice the fireplace beforehand - also, see that blank canvas of a wall under the stairs? Coming to a blog post soon - our built in book shelf/entertainment storage space!

First things first - new curtain rods and raise them to showcase the full height of the windows and ceiling! Now that that was out of the way, it was time to address the fireplace by adding the Lowes Airstone to the space above the fireplace! We went with the Spring Creek color, but they also have two other selections for you to decide between (linked below!).

Tip: Ensure you pay attention to the box - some are boxes of mainly corners while others are just for the flat wall. Learn from our mistake, it will save you a return trip :)


We framed out the space behind the TV that the wall mount would be added to with 1x4's, we did this in a small enough space that it's not noticeable when looking toward the TV from any angle, while ensuring that the mount could go directly into the studs for optimal support.


We set out the stone on the floor for most of it ensure that there wasn't a set pattern, in addition we also wanted to keep the colors as assorted as possible. We started by working our way up the middle and coming back toward to the outside edges at the end. This allowed for us to make all of our cuts toward the end.

The stones are very delicate as they are only approximately an inch thick, so all of our cuts were made with a small hand saw. We did notice that if we started the cut and got about half way through you could then gently use a hammer and it would pop the rest of the way (I wish we had footage of this process, because it was definitely entertaining hoping that the stones would break in the needed spot!)

Pro Tip: Buy an angle grinder - it will speed up the process tremendously! We ended up doing this, which came in handy when a piece of our granite counter top in the kitchen needed to be removed to fit out fridge. Once again, that's a story for another day!

We decided to only do the front face of the wall, it didn't make sense for us to do the thin sides as it blended in well with our paint color and the curtains - it gave us the look we were going for!


To ensure that there was no remaining dust (trust me there was a lot in the box), we wiped down the wall numerous time with damp rags, making sure to get in all of the the imperfections of each stone.

When it was time to seal the stone we had some remaining sealant from the slate tile that is in our front foyer, so we tested it on a scrap piece of stone and when that gave us the look we were going for we began applying two coats to the stone. This slightly altered the stone color, so be sure to test it on a piece first!


When it came to freshening up the look we went to Target and of course came back home with a lot more than we intended. Thankfully we also completed our built in shelving at the same time and placed a bunch of our additional accessories in those spaces, but that's a story for a different time!

Now to the TV - this was Taylor's must have for the space, a large TV for sports, Xbox, and 4K DVD's! This took probably three people to get angled right on the wall and to ensure properly secured with the TV mount.


Though we are extremely happy with how the fireplace has turned out, we want to eventually update the stone of the fireplace surround! Let me know your thoughts - we have contemplated a solid slate look, concrete, or a darker quartz! Drop your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!


- Stone

- Airstone Interior Adhesive

- Angle Grinder

- Sealant, any stone/tile sealant should work :)

- Hand Saw, visit your local hardware store!

- LED Lights for behind the TV

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