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Engagement Photos

So on July 13th, 2021 we did what many couples do after getting engaged and that's our engagement photo shoot! The perfect thing to enhance your wedding website, be used for Save-the-Dates and of course we know I'm already planning this year's Christmas card! So I want to tell you a little of the background of our shoot and of course share some of the photos we received from our sneak peak (and our full album!)! The rest will be on our wedding website once it's live, shared on social media and any other way that I can show them off!*

*get ready for engagement photo overload....I will fully be "that girl"

For those of you that have gone ahead and read our proposal story (if not, it's linked here!) you probably know that Taylor popped the question on the golf course behind our house. It was absolutely spectacular so naturally the 18th green had to be a location for a portion of our session! Shoutout to Carly Hinson for being so committed to getting the perfect shots that she came away with some grass in her belly button!

Next up - if you know either of us, our two sweet boys mean the world to us, so of course they made their appearance in our photos! I'd say they are some pretty photogenic gentlemen!

What was the number one reason for picking our house? Ashley - I'll let you help with this one! It's proximity to Bojangles LOL! Bojangles is a food staple that both of us grew up on and it has become a comfort food for bad days, hangovers, and just a dinner must! So what better way to show our love for each other, than feeding each other Bojangles! Which of course isn't complete without Bo Sauce for him and Honey Mustard for her!

Now for the countdown to the big day, we are under 9 months & I truly can't wait for forever with my best friend!

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