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Updated: May 21, 2020

This year I turned 27 and Taylor asked me what I wanted for my birthday and I narrowed it down to 3 things:

1. Build my dream closet

2. Let's go on an adventure (we love going on getaways as often as we can!)

3. Assist in my goal of becoming debt free

Well as you can guess my dream closet was the gift that he went with and let me tell you how excited I was! Below I've detailed out what took approximately a month of weekends (between weddings and activities) to accomplish!

So, let's start by taking a trip down memory lane to show you what my closet looked like before...mind you, it was normally probably much messier than this..whoops!


This was probably one of the most challenging parts as I turned to Pinterest for inspiration on aspects that I wanted to include. The one thing that I kept circling back to was drawers, I needed to have drawers within my closet to truly have my dream closet. In the past I had had cube dividers with baskets, but this time I decided that I wanted more.

We utilized graph paper, tape measures and my iPad to design, think and redesign numerous times until we came up with a design that we felt would work and fit my needs for ultimate organization!

Once I thought the planning was complete, it was time to use painters tape to tape out the walls to ensure that all of my measurements and planning actually made sense with the space. I will say that I would recommend that this step is NOT missed! Trust me when I was able to visually see and stand in the space I made quite a few adjustments based on my height, ensuring that hangers would fit and upper shelving.


While I was spending my time researching on Pinterest, Taylor dove into prepping the space for the renovation. He started with removing the previous metal clothing system (my clothes too...), removing the popcorn ceiling, mudding the holes, removing carpet, updating lighting* and painting!

One thing that I learned...it's super easy to rip up carpet, might be coming up with a future project...look out Taylor!

*While he dealt with most of the electrical, I must toot my own horn for installing the new light fixture!


We used MDF (medium density fiberboard) instead of plywood (this allows for a smoother finish down the road, while still being sturdy - though you still want to avoid knocking things into it as it is susceptible to dents and dings). We also used 2x4 boards to build the base in order to lift one side off the ground for baseboards, the other side didn't need it as we wanted to do a tuck-away ottoman (that could also be used as a stepping stool)!

We took advantage of Lowes Home Improvements saw to make some of our cuts that we had already detailed out in order to make things easier on us. You can always do this yourself, but we tried to plan out as much as possible to save time and money by only getting exactly what we needed and not too much more.


While some may say we took the easy way out..other would say we were resourceful. We found inexpensive drawers that worked perfectly from Ikea (linked below). These drawers came with soft close hardware and maintained the look that we were going for, unfortunately, they were just slightly off white which meant we needed another coat of paint to better match their color. We built the framing to their size and once completely installed, we finished them with pulls that we found on Amazon (linked below).

For painting, we did start with an oil based primer, if you also decide to go this route I recommend that all windows are open and air is circulating for being in a smaller space! We did one coat of primer and then three coats of the selected color of white. We probably would've only done two coats but we had to color match the drawers which added an extra coat!


The time had FINALLY arrived for a step that I was "patiently" waiting for - actually ask Taylor...I think I asked after each step if it was time to install the floor, I was just a little excited. We went with a LVP flooring from Home Depot that had similar brown tones to the carpet that was already in our bedroom. I recommend taking samples home to ensure your flooring fits your space and the look you're going for as it often looks very different under your lighting as opposed to the lighting at the store.

This process was fairly simple as we only had to make a few challenging cuts to fit around the right side shelving, with most boards running straight across the floor. After installing the flooring it was time for the baseboards. A trick when connecting two pieces of baseboard at a corner is to utilize your angle cuts (for a right angle, you will need two 45 degree cuts). Ensure that you caulk around the top of your baseboards for a smooth transition!


Now that the hard part is finished, it's time to accessorize! I've linked some of the items below that we used, but we added a ottoman, mirror, baskets, hanging rods, glass accent jars and hooks from Target - all items that you see in the completion picture below!


While we were wrapping up the project and admiring all of our hard work, we did come to the conclusion that now we will never be able to move! How could any closet come close to comparing to the time and effort that we spent creating this. I will say that we saved thousands of dollars doing this project ourselves and I couldn't be more thankful that Taylor gave me the best birthday present!

Like the look? Click below to see items used!

- Drawer Pulls

- Drawers

- Baskets

- Hooks

- Clothing Rods

- Ottoman

- Vinyl

- Mirror

- Other decor pieces are from Target

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