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Accent Walls that make a Statement!

Updated: May 21, 2020

When I posted a time-lapse while applying vinyl to the back of my closet doors, the number one thing I got asked about was our master bedroom, the accent wall and wood letter cutout. So I thought I'd help answer those questions by writing this post!

Let's take a trip down memory lane, during this COVID-19 pandemic...

When we bought this home, our master bedroom was a bright teal blue color and from our first showing, we knew that was going to be one of the first things we changed. And, it was...we painted our room, well it would be nice if I remembered the color name, a muted tan/brown/grey shade. Sure that changed the vibe and made it a more calm, relaxing space. But, it wasn't our master bedroom oasis yet...


We started brainstorming and decided an accent wall was exactly what we needed, but what?

- Shiplap?

- Brick?

- Just paint it a different color?

Well we continued to brainstorm and decided that none of those options were quite the look that we were going for...So, follow along below for the simple and cost effective way to turn a boring master bedroom into an oasis!


Prior to placing board, we primed the entire wall to make things just a little easier! Then it was time to get to work!

We had a diagram of the wall behind out bed to ensure we placed everything exactly where we wanted and around the window that's on the wall. This was a difficult thing, because we had to take into consideration placement of the bed/headboard, being spaced correctly for our TV and dresser that is on the opposite wall, etc.


You can always remove the crown molding, but we opted not to as we liked the way that it looked around the ceiling, so we picked boards that were thin enough to almost match and fit well enough at an angle that a little caulk would help the transition. We used a 30 degree angle with the crown molding and a 45 degree angle with our baseboard.

TIP: Use a piece of scrap material to ensure that your angles fit the way you want them too!

When it was time to attach the pieces to the wall we used a nail gun and did two nails every ~1 to 2 feet to ensure it was secure. After all of the vertical pieces were in place it was time to move onto the perpendicular lines. We opted to only do one line across the upper half of the room to ensure it was visible above our headboard and nightstands. Feel free to use your creativity and add additional lines should that fit the look you're going for!


We caulked each side of boards and all areas that were connected to ensure a more smooth transition. After caulking we painted the entire wall a pure white color. We thought that this color would be perfect as it's extremely clean and tranquil while also popping against the color selected for the remaining walls! We used a brush to trim each piece and rolled the center, we did roll the boards as well to ensure everything was the same shade! Who knew there were hundreds of shades of white!!


After creating our dream space, purchasing a king bed (here's a time lapse of me unboxing our new bed for your entertainment - while Taylor continued to paint on the other side), headboard from Walmart (with a few custom touches! That story is for another day) and updating our nightstand lamps (found & pieced together at Home Goods!)!

It was time to decide what would be the artwork, photos, etc. that would tie the space together. Trying to decide this took a little bit longer to agree upon... We tossed around TONS of options, but I truly wanted something that was us. From the start of our relationship Taylor and I would constantly go back and forth and say "I love you," "how good?", "So good". This saying that meant so much to us could be the key element that made our bedroom truly a place we could call our own!

This is where Kyle (@wordskydesigns) came to the rescue. We reached out to him and he took our idea and turned it into reality! We were able to select fonts, size, stain and he brought the creation to life by ensuring that all details were thought through and discussed. Check out his page for more creative designs!


This was a fairly simple and inexpensive project that truly made the space exactly what we were looking for! I would highly recommend this no matter the skill level.

STAY TUNED we are about to dive into to adding an @AngelaRoseHome inspired accent wall in our office!

Like the look? Click below to see items used!

- Words Above Bed

- Weighted Blanket

- Lamps and Other Decor

- Headboard

- Comforter Set - for similar looks

- Accent Pillow

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